Cerabyte requires
99% less energy

Reduce CO₂
Saving up to
99% energy
fully recyclable

Cerabyte is a game changer in cold data storage – minimizing electronic waste and reducing the energy consumption of data centers worldwide.

1+ megaton electronic waste avoided

Today data is kept for decades but stored on memory media, which need replacement every 5 years. This causes more than one megaton of electronic waste dumped every year. Cerabyte is 100% recyclable.

99% electricity consumption reduced

Let's use the energy of dozens of power plants for something more meaningful than just for preventing data from disappearing. If we don't act now, by 2030, 2% of global electricity will be used for data storage alone.

250 megatons less CO2 emissions

Cerabyte does not require energy to store data, thus saving 2% of global electricity or 250 megatons of global CO2 emissions by 2030. This will be one further step on the way to climate neutrality.

Forever memories

Our children will have videos that we took of them as toddlers and they will keep them for a lifetime – and eventually pass them on to their own children.

Data which will exist for a century – safely stored on Cerabyte.


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