Cerabyte requires
99% less energy

Sustainable long-term data storage is one of the most urgent problems in our world. Cerabyte is the solution for reducing 99% of CO2 emissions generated by conventional cloud data storage.

Cerabyte is a game changer in cold data storage – minimizing electronic waste and reducing the energy consumption of data centers worldwide.

1+ megaton electronic waste avoided

Today data is kept for decades but stored on memory media, which need replacement every 5 years. This causes more than one megaton of electronic waste dumped every year. Cerabyte is 100% recyclable.

99% electricity consumption reduced

Let's use the energy of dozens of power plants for something more meaningful than just for preventing data from disappearing. If we don't act now, by 2030, 2% of global electricity will be used for data storage alone.

250 megatons less CO2 emissions

Cerabyte does not require energy to store data, thus saving 2% of global electricity or 250 megatons of global CO2 emissions by 2030. This will be one further step on the way to climate neutrality.

Cerabyte will preserve personal memories of 7+ billion users

Our storage technology offers lower costs with even higher resilience. So every citizen on earth can afford to keep photos and videos for decades.


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