Store all data

Cerabyte saves 75% of total costs

We write data on ceramic nanolayers, enabling extreme resilience at low cost and virtually unlimited lifespan.

Cerabyte disrupts a 500 Billion $ market

Data is turning cold in a matter of weeks and is kept with no intention of ever being deleted. Science data, business data and data of individuals is kept for decades for eventual later use. 300+ million companies, 100 000+ governmental bodies, 7 billion internet users need secure and reliable storage of all their data.

Cerabyte reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 75%

No replacement of media. No data migration.

For data center providers, this means a drastic reduction in CAPEX and OPEX due to the unlimited service life, even under extreme conditions.

Cerabyte will roll out in 2025

Fast-track ramp up of production capacity by using materials and components which are manufactured already at scale for other applications. Cerabyte has established partnerships with major players in these industries already from start.

Write & read

1 GB/s
10 PB/rack

Cerabyte will preserve personal memories of 7+ billion users

Our storage technology offers lower costs with even higher resilience. So every citizen on earth can afford to keep photos and videos for decades.


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